Specialty Tea

This collection of teas comes from all over the globe and contains several varieties – from unique black & green blends, to antioxidant-rich Guayusa, Yerba Mate, and Pu Erh. Most of the blends in this section are caffeinated but may differ from blend-to-blend. Each of these teas a re of the highest quality and come in a delicious variety of flavors!

  • Amazon Green and Black Tea Blend

    As low as $2.92/oz.

    A fruity green and black tea blend with papaya and sunflower blossoms.

  • Ancient Vintage Shu Pu Erh Tou Cha Tea

    As low as $11.60/oz.

    Traditional tou cha pu-erh individually wrapped for an 8 oz. cup serving.

  • Fresa Guayusa Tea

    As low as $4.08/oz.

    This tea has been shown to reduce physical and mental stress allowing for stronger mental strength and courage.

  • Hazelnut Mate Tea

    As low as $2.80/oz.

    Nutty, smooth and packed full of vitamins and minerals this Yerba Mate tea the perfect choice for an enlightening lift!

  • Jasmine Blossom Black and Green Tea Blend

    As low as $3.20/oz.

    This is a special black and green tea blend, scented with jasmine and blended with whole jasmine flower buds! Very floral, sweet smooth body. This is probably our most jasmine-flavored tea. Brews multiple times!

  • Pep In Your Step Mate Tea

    As low as $3.48/oz.

    An amazing pick me up or get me going! Perfect hot or iced!

  • Pistachio Orange Pu Erh

    As low as $3.20/oz.

    Hand blended to perfection this blend is the perfect compliment of earthy pu-erh, nutty pistachio and sweet citrus!

  • Roasted Yerba Mate Tea

    As low as $2.00/oz.

    Mate is commonly consumed in South America, and is enjoying increased popularity in the United States.

  • Shu Vintage Pu Erh Tea

    As low as $3.20/oz.

    Smooth, naturally sweet Pu Erh, reminds you of a warm fall day, all year long!

  • Slimpossible Mate/Herbal Tea

    As low as $3.28/oz.

    After numerous requests for a weight support blend we are pleased to launch Slimpossible our newest Mate/Herbal blend with a wellness and healthy weight focus in mind.

  • Vanilla Mint Pu Erh Tea

    As low as $4.00/oz.

    Hand chopped vanilla beans and fresh ground cinnamon give this Pu Erh tea a creamy body, while peppermint gives it a refreshing peppiness!

  • White Chocolate Tiramisu Green and Black Tea Blend

    As low as $3.00/oz.

    Green and Black Tea Sold By The Ounce. Contains nuts.

  • Yerba Mate Shade Tea

    As low as $2.60/oz.

    Our shade-grown mate has a green tea-like flavor. It is mildly grassy and vegetal, but is fuller bodied than a green tea.

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