Fresa Guayusa Tea


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With a flavor that’s reminiscent of fresh strawberries, this tea has been shown to reduce physical and mental stress.

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The smooth, light taste of Fresa Guayusa will offer you an infusion of slight fruitiness in a heavenly base of guayusa, green rooibos, and jasmine green tea. Paired with rose hips, hibiscus, and the tart flavor of schisandra berries, this specialty blend brings together aromas of earthiness and sweet fragrance.

Shown to reduce physical and mental stress, Guayusa tea is a cousin to Yerba Mate. It features nearly double the antioxidants of traditional tea and provides a clean source of caffeine energy, bringing a gentler caffeine effect than a cup of coffee or energy drink.



Flavor Profile

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Guayusa, green rooibos, rose hips, natural flavor, apple granules, jasmine green tea, schisandra berry, hibiscus

Steep Time

3 Minutes

Steep Temperature

200° F


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