Roasted Yaupon Tea


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Organic Yaupon tea sold by the whole ounce.

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With a smooth, rich flavor, our Roasted Yaupon boasts a wealth of health benefits and is grown right here in the United States!

Similar to its plant cousin, Guayusa, Yaupon teas are made up of the leaves of the only caffeinated holly bush native to North America. The plant itself boasts a unique history, beginning over one thousand years ago when native cultures brewed Yaupon as a medicinal tea, and it is still known for its natural energy boost and anti-inflammatory properties today.

While closest in flavor to a mate or a black tea, Yaupon offers a smoother, less astringent cup that you’re sure to love!



Flavor Profile

, ,


Roasted yaupon

Steep Time

3 Minutes

Steep Temperature

212° F


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