Winter Spice Herbal Tea | Seasonal Specialty Blend


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Loose Leaf Seasonal Herbal Tea Available in 4 or 16 ounce packages.

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The aroma of sweet almonds, orange, and honey will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling during the coldest of winter months! This tea is perfectly spiced with cardamom and aniseed, aided by a tart undertone of citrus. From busy mornings to quiet evenings, this herbal favorite is perfect for fighting the chill any time of day!


Apple pieces, rosehips, almonds, whole aniseed, orange slices, cardamom, beet root pieces. Contains: Tree Nuts.



Flavor Profile

, ,


Steep Temperature

212° F

Steep Time

10 Minutes

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4 Ounce Package, By the Ounce (Oz.), By the Pound (Lb.)


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