Wisconsin Ginseng Green – TEAser Package


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0.35 Ounce Sample Size Package of Loose Leaf Green Tea. 

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Fava Tea Company TEAsers are the perfect way to try something new! Each package comes with 0.35 ounces of loose leaf tea and makes roughly 24 ounces of brewed tea.

With an organic green tea base and organic ginseng grown right here in Wisconsin (Heil Ginseng, Edgar, WI), Fava Tea Company’s Wisconsin Ginseng is a flavorful addition to your tea collection with a natural wealth of health benefits. While the ginseng itself is slightly earthy, a perfect blend of light, sweet green tea and a touch of added natural apricot flavoring tie it all together with a fruity and smooth profile. Ginseng has been used for centuries to help increase brain function and reduce inflammation, and the green tea base may improve immunity and boost your metabolism. If you’re looking for a green tea grown and blended close to home, this is the blend for you, and it keeps us all Wisconsin strong!

Want a larger amount? Wisconsin Ginseng is also available by the whole ounce or pound! 


Organic green tea, apple granules, natural flavor, Wisconsin-grown ginseng.



Flavor Profile

, ,

Steep Temperature

180° F

Steep Time

3 Minutes


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