Thai Fire Green

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The aroma of our new Thai Fire Green is light and leafy. It has a delicious, fresh aroma with underlying notes of citrus, lemon and lime. There is a hint of orange-spice mixed with chili peppers that gives off a light and soothing aroma. Breathe deeply and the chili spices will clear your senses.

Your first sip of Thai Fire Green will have a light, fresh and leafy body with hints of lemon and lime. The lingering aftertaste will reveal the chili spice. You will feel a tingly, warm spice at the back of your throat after drinking the tea. However, the chili’s heat is mellowed out by the creamy coconut and sweet apple that comes through on the finish.

Thai Fire Green begins smooth and citrusy, and grows into a warm and spicy chili pepper flavor. This is a new and unique flavor-sensation that every spice fan should try!

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Flavor Profile

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green tea, chili pepper, lemongrass, apple pieces, coconut flakes, orange pieces, safflower, flavor. Caution: SPICY


1 review for Thai Fire Green

  1. Mike Meyers

    This tea is really good and unique. First sip you taste the slight grassiness of the green tea base. When you let it sit in your mouth, you taste the fruitiness from the citrus and when you swallow you feel the heat from the chili pepper. Its pretty spicy, but I love spicy teas as well as spicy drinks in general (cocktails). I tried it both hot and iced. When its iced, the chili is more pronounced compared to how it is hot.
    I can see myself drinking this iced in the summer with some coconut or lime flavored rum to create my own home cocktail. This tea again is really good and I’ll be stocking up on more this summer to used as iced tea. Thank you Fava for creating this blend.

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