Rosemary Ginger Cider Herbal Tea – 2oz Limited Edition Blend

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Limited edition blend in a 2 oz. package

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The overall aroma of our new Rosemary Ginger Cider Herbal is soothing and refreshing. There’s a bright, herbaceous scent of rosemary mixed with a lightly spicy ginger. The aroma is reminiscent of walking into an herb garden where there are fresh herbs growing everywhere and although the rosemary is the most prominent, you’ll also pick up undertones of thyme and basil. The ginger is warming, but the fruit is like refreshing, sweet slice of fruit in the spring.

The flavor of our new Rosemary Ginger Cider is delicious and full of smooth, bright flavor! The body of this tea is lightly sweet with its fresh, fruity flavors. It has a slight ginger note to the taste that’s not spicy, but instead very smooth. The rosemary flavor is delightful, and there’s hints of other fresh herbs as well. There’s some floral tones under the herbaceous taste, and it is very well balanced in flavor. We think this tea is lovely steeped hot or iced.



Ginger pieces, sugared ginger cubes, apple pieces, rosemary leaves, cinnamon pieces, star aniseed, natural flavoring.

Steep Time

5 Minutes

Steep Temperature

212° F

1 review for Rosemary Ginger Cider Herbal Tea – 2oz Limited Edition Blend

  1. Mike Meyers

    This is another tea that is unique and good. This is an herbal tea so its caffeine free so I drink it before bed. You don’t often see rosemary in tea which makes this one unique. The tea tastes like an apple cider with the cinnamon, ginger and star anise. You do taste the ginger and star anise more than the cinnamon though. The rosemary adds a slight savory taste which works perfectly in this blend. Fava does a fantastic job creating unique and exciting blends like this. Thanks again Fava for coming out with this tea blend. I will be stocking up on this tea as well.

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