Pistachio Torte Black Tea – Seasonal

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You can taste so many flavors within the layers of this tea (just like the layers in a torte!) The tea smells slightly sweet, like frosting; as well as creamy and nutty from the filling; and fresh and toasty from the pastry. The combination of pistachio, marzipan, and amaretto will bring forth memories of nutty holiday treats and the loved ones we share them with.

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Black tea, pistachios, flavor, rose petals, Marzipan drops, almonds.


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2 reviews for Pistachio Torte Black Tea – Seasonal

  1. Shelly

    So Good!

    I received a sample of this with my large online purchase and I’m so glad they sent it! It smells phenomenal and tastes great unsweetened. Came to the site to make sure I could bookmark or wishlist it to buy again and again!

  2. alymae04

    I got a small sample from my SipsBy package and it’s so good iced with a little bit of milk and cinnamon. It would be a great tea to have after dinner as a dessert.

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