Large Lumi Washi Tin (200 grams)


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This is can only be picked-up at a local Fava Tea Company location in Appleton, Greenfield, or Brookfield. Print patterns vary from product to product.

These washi paper covered tea tins are designed with traditional Japanese patterns and handcrafted technique. The term Washi means Japanese paper. These papers inspire strength, beauty, and quality. Traditional Washi is a fine paper made from fibers of the Gampi tree, the Misumata Shrub, the Mulberry bush, Bamboo, Hemp, Rice, and other natural materials. The fibers, bark, flower petals and other inclusions provide great texture and character to these papers from Japan. Washi paper is stronger and more durable than most ordinary paper. It provides a great base to use in arts. These tea tins have an inner lid to ensure airtight storage, keeping your tea leaves fresh.

Volume: 200g of loose leaf tea
Dimensions: 2.9″W x 6″H

Dimensions 3 × 3 × 7 in


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