Indigo Tropics Herbal

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The aroma of our Indigo Tropics Herbal tea is the perfect combination of a light, sweet dessert made with minimalist ingredients that work in concert with one another to create a delicious and visually stunning blend. Breathe in the aroma therapy of the lavender while you relax and indulge in the overall sweetness of the blend.

The taste of our Indigo Tropics Herbal is similar to a shortbread or sugar cookie where coconut, lavender and pineapple are all combined to make a light, tropical, floral dessert perfect anytime of the year. You can taste each ingredients of the dessert and each plays a part in making up the cakey sweetness of the whole blend. The coconut and pineapple play a major role in developing the desert-like texture while the lavender rounds out a floral note and the butterfly pea flowers contribute the beautiful almost sunset like color of the blend.

This blend can be enjoyed hot or iced.



Flavor Profile

, ,


Pineapple, coconut, lavender, flavoring, butterfly pea flowers

Steep Time

10 Minutes

Steep Temperature

212° F

2 reviews for Indigo Tropics Herbal

  1. Beth Russart (verified owner)

    This tea is not only pretty to look at, but fun to drink. You can taste all of the ingredients, and they’re all refreshing, like a sugar cookie. I found the tea sweet enough on its own, and it is great plain, with milk, or iced. I had to try this the minute I saw it, and I’m happy that I did!

    • Natalie Mast

      We are so glad you are enjoying Indigo Tropics! Let us know if we can help out with any questions.

  2. Rhodena Buck (verified owner)

    A Favorite. Love the taste and the pretty lavender color. Hope it’s back again.

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