Harvest Peach Herbal – Seasonal

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The aroma of our new Harvest Peach Herbal will remind you of the smell of rich, warm fruit pies baking in the oven. This blend smells like a warm peach cobbler where you can smell all the fresh, cinnamon-y crumbly crust baked over juicy, warm peaches. Imagine you had gone to the autumnal Farmer’s Market that morning to pick out fresh peaches that you are now using to bake in this peach cobbler; that’s the aroma that this Harvest Peach Herbal exudes.

Harvest Peach Herbal tastes like fresh peaches mixed with sweet spices and baked apples. The body is slightly sweet and fuller in feeling. You’re left with smooth peach flavor after all the other flavors disappear. The flavor of this tea is like grilling peaches in the late summer and early fall seasons. This is a very yummy and heartwarming tea!

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Apple pieces, Rooibos, peach pieces, sultanas, papaya cubes (papaya, sugar), pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), marigold blossoms, flavor.



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