Candied Pistachio Herbal Tea – Seasonal

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The aroma of our new seasonal blend smells like freshly baked shortbread or sugar cookies, you know that sweet smell with an undertone of brisk nuttiness. It has a light pastry scent, but a rich, filling feel to it. This blend will remind you of curling up on a cool, crisp, afternoon over the weekend to drink some warm, soothing tea and the smell is like a sweet, delicate whiff of the comfort that comes from being at home and relaxing.

The body and fullness of Candied Pistachio Herbal is amazingly smooth. There is a nearly creamy, whipped aspect of the tea. You can taste delightful, fresh but toasted pistachios and various other nuts and dates wrapped up in a sweet swirl of baked goods and sugary glazes. There’s a hint of spice which will make your taste buds dance. The whirlwind of flavors in Candied Pistachio Herbal will whisk you away into a world full of delicious candied goods while warming you for the coming cold weather months!

Contains date pieces (dates, rice flour), pistachios, planed almonds, pistachio flavoring, rose petals.

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date pieces (dates, rice flour), pistachios, planed almonds, pistachio flavoring, rose petals.

1 review for Candied Pistachio Herbal Tea – Seasonal

  1. jenniferscungio (verified owner)

    This is a delicious tea. It smells amazing and it is the perfect dessert tea esp. at night as it has no caffeine so its just perfect. You can truly taste each flavor of this tea with just the right amount of pistachio.

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