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With June comes summer, and with summer comes long days, beautiful weather, and lots and lots of iced tea! From summer blends we wish we had all year long to Limited Edition favorites perfect for the warmer weather, Fava Tea Company will have you ready for the new season! And if you’re wondering about making iced tea, you can read our guide on how to make the perfect iced tea to get started!

First In Our Cup: Chilled Rhubarb

The early summer season means rhubarb, and we’re lucky enough to feature a crisp, refreshing oolong tea with a mellow, rhubarb flavor. This blend begins with a Chinese Oolong from the Fujian Province of China, and we add dried rhubarb and rose petals for a light, floral undertone that meshes wonderfully with the smooth oolong base. Available in 4 and 16-ounce packages, this summer seasonal is a favorite of many and an excellent addition to any iced tea collection.

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To Bring Up North: Summer Lemonade Matcha

Looking for a quick and easy tea to sip while up North this summer? Look no further than our Summer Lemonade Matcha! This summer staple is a delicious blend of classic matcha flavor with the natural zing of lemon. Sweetened with cane sugar and honey powder, there’s no need to bring along sweetener, and you won’t need a tea bag or brew basket for this one! Just add your matcha to water, mix or shake well, and enjoy! It’s as simple and easy as that.

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For the Whole Family: Blue Hawaiian Chiller

Our fan-favorite instant herbal is back for the summer! Like matcha, this instant herbal is incredibly easy to make, no additional equipment required. Just add to water and mix well before enjoying. Even better? It’s bursting with berry flavor and caffeine-free, which means the entire family can enjoy this exclusive blend no matter the time of day. And in case you haven’t noticed, it’s naturally BLUE (thanks to spirulina!), which we’ve found to be a big hit with kids and adults alike!

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For Sipping by the Campfire: Lapsang Souchong

This full-bodied black tea is often referred to as the first type of black tea discovered, and is easy to identify by its rich, smoky finish. In fact, you might just want this one to imitate the feeling of sitting by the campfire while you’re home during the work week, longing to be up North. It also makes for a great addition to a dry rub for meat!

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Next in Our Cup: Two to Mango

While our Summer Seasonal Collection features teas specifically created for icing, our Signature Line is also filled with wonderful summer tea options, like this long-standing fan-favorite! Pineapple and mango blend together with sweet strawberry in a delightful herbal treat with Two to Mango. Soon to be available in 4 and 16-ounce pre-packages so you can grab and go, this blend sticks with us year-round, making it the perfect option for iced tea even in the midst of winter!

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