History of Freedom Teas (Herbals)

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Ever look at a plant, herb or fruit and wonder if you can make a tea out of it? There is usually an opportunity for you to make herbal tea from it! As long as you think you will enjoy the flavor.

Herbal tea, or tisane (tea-zahn) as Europeans call it, date back to 2737 BC in Ancient China? In Ancient China, the Chinese emperor, Shennong, was sitting under a tree when a leaf from the tree above him fell into his cup of boiling water. As he saw the water starting to get darker, he questioned the water, but to his astonishment, he enjoyed the flavor of the water from the leaf as he took a sip. As news came out about this find of tea, and time went on, herbal tea spread from China, to Egypt, to Japan and also to Europe. 

When you think of loose leaf teas, you usually think of infusion or steeping which is only one way of brewing tea. Infusion includes using different parts of plants whether it be flowers, fruits, leaves, and so on. After you find your ingredients, you add them to your specified temperature of boiling water and steep it for its allowed time. After steeping is done, strain and enjoy! The second way of preparing herbal tea is called decoction. Decoction includes different parts of plants such as roots, hard seeds, bark, stems and so on.  This process includes adding the desired amount of cold water to your pot or kettle, placing your ingredients in the pot and bringing it to a boil. After it boils, reduce the heat and let your tea simmer for 20 minutes, strain and enjoy!

Herbal teas have many health benefits depending on what is included in the tea. Some of these benefits may include preventing and recovering from a cold or flu, boosting energy and managing fatigue, weight loss, digestion and many more. Some popular ingredients have more benefits than others such as chamomile which helps with calming, ginger and peppermint are known for nausea, cinnamon helps with congestion, turmeric helps with inflammation and many other ingredients can be key to a healthy lifestyle. 

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