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The days might be short and the winds might be cold, but with a delicious cup of hot tea in hand, you’ll be more than ready for the winter season! Just as every January, we’re celebrating National Tea Month so join us as we take a look at some of our favorite blends for sipping on chilly days ahead.

Fava’s Winter Blend

With a name like Winter Blend, it should be no surprise that this best-selling tea would end up on the list! A quintessential cold-weather remedy, this caffeinated blend mixes black tea with bright citrus flavor and comforting spices that is sure to beat the winter blues.

Violet Buttercream

Imagine yourself on a bright afternoon in a lush, blooming garden, and relish the taste of warming, sweet vanilla. A fan and TEAm Member favorite, Violet Buttercream is sometimes referred to as the wedding cake of teas. A black tea paired with almond and floral elements, it brews as a creamy, sweet cup and also makes for a fantastic latte.

Lemon Meringue

Caffeine-free and filled with citrus flavor, Lemon Meringue rooibos is the dessert tea you’ve been looking for! A slightly earthy base lends itself well to the lemon flavor you know and love. Marigold and cornflower blossoms lend the creamy texture without any added sugars or cream, resulting in a sweet cup perfect for bedtime!

Pistachio Torte

Easily one of our most requested teas in the off-season, Pistachio Torte is only available for a limited time. This black tea is certain to bring forth memories of nutty treats and the loved ones we share them with. Brimming with a multitude of flavors, a simple blend of black tea, pistachios, marzipan pieces, and amaretto perfectly captures the hearts and soul of this winter favorite.

Sweet Vanilla Biscotti

A relatively new favorite here at Fava Tea, Sweet Vanilla Biscotti is our latest addition to the black tea section. A beautiful blend of mild black tea with malva flowers, jasmine buds, and vanilla, this tea makes for a delicious latte. It’s the perfect pairing for your morning routine or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up!

Peaceful Rest

Red rooibos is mixed with calming lavender and sweet coconut in Peaceful Rest! A caffeine-free tisane that puts a weary mind to rest and calms the body, this blend is a soothing option for a cup on a cold winter’s night. It’s also a fantastic alternative to chamomile blends at bedtime!

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